MCM Manchester Comic Con July 2017

Cool cosplays, crowds of geeks and mass shopping. If you’re enthusiastic about anything pop culture, it can be super exciting. I mean, we had real life voice of Ichigo KurosakiIchigoKurosaki4.png and a replica Iron Throne Dany-on-throne which looked as good as the real thing. Storm Troopers, Meeseeks, Pokemon, everything that is freakin’ awesome in one goddamn beautiful place!

BB gun training separate, fancied including it here because it was straight after and captured some cool shots featuring my dress ❤ I wish I was a badass girl with a real gun, taking down villians… ahhh, one can daydream.

Purchased from Comic Con is featured below;

Japanese Drink with Pokemon on, Death Note mug, Mimikyu shirt, ‘Banned’ handbag, Sailor Moon tights, Zombie necklace, Sailor Moon badges, mini No Face from Spirited Away with chain, Eeevee choker, skeleton hand clip… cat purchased separately.


I got a lot of compliments on my Bmo dress, you can purchase it here at;

Book tickets to London Comic Con in October where I’ll be headed;


Pictures all mine except mini Ichigo and Iron Throne;

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