York Unleashed August 2017

Another month, another Comic Con.
Here’s my nerdy outfit of the day; featuring Sailor Moon tights, Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul tee and a ‘Cakes With Faces’ jacket ’cause I’m such a control freak 😉

The grand entrance, which did include Transformers, Darlics and Stormtroopers. I regularly get asked what you do at Comic Con events, each one is different, but allow me to show you…

Spent two minutes as Jabba’s bitch.

Hung out with my beautiful man beast ❤

Browsed endless boxes of nerd merch. Why didn’t I buy the Sally figurine?!

I did buy ‘cute’ Ghost Face. LOOK AT HOW CUTE HIS GHOULISH FACE IS.

Admired the pixel art.

… and all of the other awesome things you won’t find anywhere else. I mean, if you scoured the internet you might, but it’s more fun this way.

Met little BB8. Proof that droids are cute AF.

Completed a session of knife throwing training. Absolutely my new hobby. (Seriously, I’m buying knives and targets of my enemies, like now).

Don’t mess with me! Those feint lines in his face are stab marks.

Vegan pizza & Pink Gin to finish off the day… 🙂


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