Vodka, Fire Breathing Dragons & Hummus in Poland!

When you answer with “Poland” when getting asked where you’re going on holiday, a lot of people convey the impression of bewilderment. It’s not your typical lazy beach holiday that many of the population lust after but it’s beautiful, majestic, cheap, historic and I could go on. I went to Krakow & Warsaw over a week with my friend John so here’s some pretty snaps to follow!


Lovely things we did – visited Wawel Castle & Krakow Barbakan, tried vegan donner kebab, had cocktails at the Hard Rock Cafe, found a cafe that was 99% hummus & chickpeas, tried to brave the Lost Souls Alley before thinking it looked like we may actually be murdered and then running back out and petted lots of horses.


Lovely things we did – admired the vast difference between old town and new town, went clothes shopping, visited an interesting gallery, ate a big bowl of hummus and petted lots of horses.


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